Time & Talent 2019

Stewardship time for Trinity is upon us and, like our response to God’s grace, is a deeply personal topic. God’s call to trust Him ties directly to how we act out that faith in our church and larger community, in our stewardship to Christ.

We have more daily choices in how to spend our time, more pressure to achieve in our world, more to distract us from God’s call and His work through us. This is the world around us.

Yet each of us has been called by Christ and been called to Trinity as part of that call to faith. Our faith, like any gift, needs to be nourished, fed, exercised and shared. There are many opportunities at Trinity to nourish and grow your faith and participate in sharing the vital Christian support and friendship we all intrinsically value. In our world of work, leisure and fun we learn through doing, reading, and discussing with others our areas of interest. Similarly, prayer, worship, reading, discussion and listening to God will help us to learn and grow in knowledge of our faith and in our response to God’s grace as set out in Proverbs 3:5-6.

The link to the online Time and Talent form is below. Take some time to review the list and prayerfully consider those activities to which God is calling you in 2019. Consider challenging yourself to grow in your response to God’s saving grace and the plans he has for you and Trinity. Consider joining a Bible study or Small Group, worshiping more often, or filling the need for ushers, acolytes or other church and outreach opportunities. Please have each teen / adult complete a Time and Talent form.

We look forward to watching God’s awesome work grow through you and everyone at Trinity.

Time & Talent Form