GRANT, O Lord, that they who shall renew the promises and vows of their Baptism, and be confirmed by the Bishop, may receive such a measure of thy Holy Spirit, that they may grow in grace unto their life’s end; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. — From The Offices of Instruction in the 1928 Prayer Book

Confirmation, though not a sacrament, is a counterpart to baptism. It is a way of confirming and strengthening the baptismal vows. For those who were baptized in an Anglican church as infants, confirmation is an opportunity to express a mature commitment to faith in Christ. For adults who are joining the church, confirmation offers the chance to learn more about the faith of the church and to express a public commitment to Christ. For both young people and adults, the service of confirmation allows them to receive strength from the Holy Spirit through prayer and from the laying on of hands of the bishop.

Preparation for confirmation is a wonderful time of learning and growth. Candidates study the basics of the Christian faith and the liturgy of the Anglican tradition.

We hold regular adult inquirer’s classes for people who would like to learn more about the Episcopal Church, and also for those who would like to be Confirmed or received into the Episcopal Church. We also have confirmation classes for youth who are in eighth grade or older.

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