Parish Missal

The Parish Missal contains the text and service music used for celebrations of Holy Communion on Sundays and other Holy Days. The text is based on Rite 1 of the 1979 Prayer Book. These prayers belong to the centuries-old heritage of Anglican Prayer, represented in the lineage of prayer books from the first Book of Common Prayer (1549), the English Book of Common Prayer (1662) and the American Book of Common Prayer (1928).

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1662 Book of Common Prayer

Open Position

The standard prayer book for the Anglican Communion. It was the first prayer book in America, and it is still the official Book of Common Prayer in England.

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1928 Book of Common Prayer

The last American prayer book in the Cranmerian tradition of BCPs. This one has been loved for generations, and continues to be used for our mid-week services and daily services of Morning & Evening Prayer.

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1979 Prayer Book

This is the official prayer of the national Episcopal Church. Contains both traditional and contemporary language for services.

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Prayers for Every Occasion

Edited by Frank Colquhoun

Not an official prayer book for any Anglican body, this collection is a classic collection of prayers rooted in the Anglican tradition. As the title says, there is prayer here for just about every occasion.

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